Thursday, April 2, 2009


hey, hey, hey its not fat albert its just me (hee hee) and im like really bored right now but anyway this week was very long we had acreditors at our school (i hope i spelt that right) and they just sat there and stared at us it was actually quite scary if ya think about it! =/ soooo...... thats how my week went but saturday me and some of my fam. are going to eat ASIAN at miss saigon yummmm!!!!!!!! and thats about it *LATER*

Saturday, February 28, 2009

good morning, good evening...good day!!!!

i am like so excited that i am finally changing my blog anyway, the parent/teen banquet is coming up and i am so siked about that because its formal and the heels im going to be wearing are like so big, and i'll probably trip and fall in front of everyone but hey thats just
KAILYN and RACHEL i know yall are going to be there so have a awesome time!!!

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ummm,well.... Im half asian, and the theme for my blog this week is totally asian wellim not done. o' well bye!!!!


go patriots

go patriots
this is what i look like after a patriot game =)